Designer with a mission to design bright and clever 
solutions incorporating both branding and illustration skills.
Hello, I’m Julie Iijima
“What kind of emotions will this design evoke?” 
This is a question that I often ask myself because I believe that good design should be able to stimulate the viewer’s heart - perhaps even bring a smile to someone’s face or gain sympathy. I aim to become a designer that delivers clear and vibrant ideas through branding and illustration. Coming from a Japanese background and growing up in the U.S., I have always admired and have been inspired by the beautiful designs of both cultures. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, Animal Crossing, and eating  food with friends.
B.F.A. Graphic Design・University of Minnesota Twin Cities, anticipated graduation August 2020

こんにちは、飯島樹里 です
デザイン学科グラフィックデザイン専攻・ミネソタ大学ツインシティーズ校 2020年8月卒業予定​​​​​​​
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